10 Praises and Prayers for 2010

Here are 10 praises Phil & Arleen have for this new year of 2010:

  1. For the Lord’s faithfulness to us during 2009.
  2. For the great salvation that we have because of Christ’s love for us.
  3. For all four of our children: Linnea Whitt, Timothy, Benjamin, and Jonathan who are all married to spouses who love the Lord as do all their 17 children.
  4. For the far-reaching ministries of the four institutions that in under CAM International: C.A.T.S. (Central American Theological Seminary in Guatemala), Guatemala Bible Seminary (Chimaltenango), Puebla Bible Seminary (Mexico) and R.G.B.I. (Rio Grande Bible Institute in Texas) where we presently teach.
  5. For the loving kindness of our Lord that lasts forever.
  6. For continued freedom to teach, preach, sing and share the Word of God.
  7. For our students’ ministries on weekends in many churches in McAllen & Mexico.
  8. For the upcoming week of missionary emphasis at RGBI.
  9. For boldness and clarity in sharing our faith so unbelievers will come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  10. For those who have faithfully prayed and those who have given offerings to enable us to serve as “Musicianaries” to Hispanics… for 43 years!

Here are 10 prayer requests we have for this new year of 2010:

  1. That the Lord will guide the neurosurgeon’s hand in the operation Phil will have on Monday Jan. 4 here in McAllen, TX due to a painful herniated cervical disc.
  2. That God will continue to bless our teaching ministry as “musicianaries” to Hispanics.
  3. That our Heavenly Father will enable us to finish the recording of our 165 Spanish language songs and hymns from the Bible.
  4. That this hymnal will be able to be printed this year.
  5. That the Lord will bless the RGBI missionary language school students.
  6. That God will bless the lives of this new semester’s incoming students at RGBI.
  7. That our Heavenly Father will move individuals and churches to help us boost our sagging monthly support.
  8. That the Holy Spirit will continue to convict hearts of those who hear the Gospel.
  9. That we will be granted safety as we travel to churches in our music ministry.
  10. That we will continue to enjoy good health and strength to faithfully serve the Lord of lords and King of kings with eagerness and joy.
Phil and Arleen Signature Font
Dr. & Mrs. Philip Blycker Home phone:   956-682-6273
4300 S. Bus. Hwy. 281 Mobile phone: 956-566-4799
Edinburgh, TX 78539 Email: pblycker@sbsglobal.net

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