June 2011


What a blessing to have completed another academic year at the Río Grande Bible Institute! Our seminary graduated 12 students, who have gone to minister in Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, and the USA. Arleen and I were involved with three weddings this summer in Texas and Mexico.


Here is the group of woodwinds that played a nonet (an ensemble of nine) in the year-end recital at RGBI. When you pray for us at the seminary in Edinburg, Texas, you are asking God to bless and use the following people for His honor and glory: Lidia (Michigan/Dominican Republic), Carolina (Chile), Luis (Mexico), Viviana (Texas), Laura (Mexico), Fernando (Mexico), Isaac (Texas), David (Honduras), and Phil Blycker, their “musicianary professor.” Some are anxiously looking for used alto or tenor saxes. If you can help us, please let us know ASAP. Thanks!

RGBI Woodwind Ensemble

“Muchas gracias” for your prayers, gifts, and love. It’s a joy to serve the Lord “discipling” students from all over Latin America at RGBI on the Mexican border.

In the service of our Heavenly Father who created music,

Phil Blycker Signature
Phil & Arleen Blycker
Mission Address: CAM International 8625 La Prada Drive Dallas, TX 75228
Field Address: Rio Grande Bible Institute 4300 S. Bus. Hwy. 281 Edinburgh, TX 78539
Email addresses: pblycker@sbsglobal.net ablycker@gmail.com
Home phone: 956-682-6273
Cell phone: 956-566-4799

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