September 2011

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It has been exciting to listen to the testimonies of the summer ministry of our students in Mexico, the USA and Canada, and especially the team that spent a month in the Philippines. One of my students had the privilege of ministering in the mountains of Chiapas, Mexico with the persecuted church. We sent down 40 sets of our Scriptural Song CDs for these needy congregations. This is a blessing that can be repeated over and over again as they listen to the Word of God set to music.

We know these are difficult days financially for our nation, our churches, and our supporters. However, CAM has sent us an ALERT that we are $1,200 a month behind in support and need to do something about it ASAP. Please pray with us about this shortfall. God is able.

Benjamin, Linnea, Timothy, and Jonathan (Blycker Children)

Phil and Arleen’s Children: Benjamin, Linnea, Timothy, and Jonathan

Our family reunion in June for our 50th anniversary was a fabulous success. The main activity was to enjoy each other’s company, just having all four of our children together at the same time in the same place. We also, had the honor of having Phil’s brother Dan and Betty from RI, and Arleen’s sister Bethel Mae and Norm from IN with us on that occasion. The Blycker Brass Quartet (Phil, Tim, Ben & Jon) had 2 opportunities to play in churches. The rehearsals were as much fun as the presentations! They sounded like they practice together every week, and the truth is they hadn’t played together for five years. No one was blessed more than we were! “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truthIII Jn. 1:4.

In the service of the King,

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Phil & Arleen Blycker
Mission Address: CAM International 8625 La Prada Drive Dallas, TX 75228
Field Address: Rio Grande Bible Institute 4300 S. Bus. Hwy. 281 Edinburgh, TX 78539
Email addresses:
Home phone: 956-682-6273
Cell phone: 956-566-4799

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