May 2012

Greetings from the Rio Grande Bible Institute in Edinburg, Texas as we serve with CAMino Global on the Mexican border.

The first “Good News!” is that in March a great-granddaughter named Anna Christine Scofield was born in Roseburg, OR; then in April, a son named Benjamin Russell Blycker was born to Jonathan and Blair in Spokane, WA.  Arleen was able to travel to the Northwest to be with both of these babies that the Lord has added to our family.  The “Bad News!” is that Phil didn’t get to go because of his classroom assignments at RGBI.

While Arleen was gone, Phil went through a terribly destructive hail storm in McAllen.  The “Bad News!” is that there was $30,000 worth of damage to our home and property.  The “Good News!” is that we had adequate insurance and also that our roof has already been replaced and ceilings have been repaired due to water damage.

More “Good News!” is that 21 students graduated from the Rio Grande Bible Institute and Language School in the spring semester.  The “Bad News!” is that we had to say “Adios” to these wonderful young people who are now spread out across Latin America.

In the spiritual realm, the “Good News!” is that we who are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, who was sent by our Heavenly Father to be the Savior of the world and that we are no longer are under the law and therefore do not have to offer sacrifices for our sins as Christ paid the price “once for all.”  Now there are only two sacrifices that we continue to make.  The first is the sacrifice of praise that we offer to the Lord from our lips on a daily basis (Heb. 13:15); the second is the sacrifice of service we offer when we make eternal investments in the area of missions (Phil. 4:18).  The “Bad News!” is that three struggling churches were not able to continue their monthly offerings and this has lowered our monthly support.  How grateful we are that our ministry as “musicianaries to Hispanics” is a calling from heaven and we have hundreds of reasons to rejoice in His faithfulness as our former students are serving the Lord in Latin America and beyond.

More “Good News!” — We’re  thankful to the Lord for our faithful intercessors and financial investors who partner with us in God’s work here at RGBI.  Keep praying!  Keep investing!   A bit of “Bad News!” is that the high price of gasoline might make it difficult for you to come down to see what great things the Lord is doing here!

Phil Blycker Signature
Phil & Arleen Blycker

Field Address: Rio Grande Bible Institute ° 4300 S. Bus. Hwy. 281 ° Edinburgh, TX 78539
Home phone: 956-682-6273
Cell phone: 956-566-4799
Mission Address: CAM International ° 8625 La Prada Drive ° Dallas, TX 75228
Email addresses:,

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