August 2012

What a great day we had Sunday! Jairo is one of our married students from Colombia who invited us to teach some of our Scripture songs and hymns in the church he serves as assistant pastor. The pastor is also a student at RGBI. On Saturday they had their first evangelistic outreach in the neighborhood. Now here’s a new way to go about it. The young people took their guitars and serenaded door-to-door with Christian songs. The middle school kids had made plaques with both English and Spanish Bible verses. One girl’s father is an artist so they looked really sharp. His wife made a big batch of cookies so each home got a bag of cookies, plus Christian literature. So the serenade, the gift bag, and the presentation of the gospel added up to be a fantastic outreach. Three people accepted Christ that day and a number of neighbors asked for prayer.    In the service Sunday morning there were 5 new visitors who had been invited. This is in a church of about 100 people. Those who went on the outreach were so excited to do it again next month.

That was the good news. This is the bad news. There was a little 4-year-old girl in the service, cuddling her little teddy bear, but not understanding what was going on, as her Daddy wasn’t beside her. He had gotten sick and had suddenly passed away Saturday at 28 years old. His funeral was Sunday afternoon. What a wake-up call to all the young people there. So in 24 hours we saw several come to Christ as Savior, and one life go to Christ his Lord in Heaven.

When we experience times like this with our students it makes us that much more passionate about teaching the Word through music. We’re not here to teach them to “entertain” with music but to teach and preach the Word of God. Just a few weeks ago we were asked to present a program in another nearby suburb as Carlos the pastor, a former student of ours, was on vacation. Our son Tim, a missionary in Mexico, was visiting us and did the preaching. What a glorious time we had! The church invited us to return to sing, play and preach the Word of God.

THANK YOU for your part in praying for and investing in this ministry of 2 Timothy 2:2 (teaching our disciples so that they can teach others). Pray for us as we begin our third week of the fall semester at Rio Grande Bible College (Seminario Bíblico Río Grande).

Your ambassadors on the Mexican border,

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Phil & Arleen Blycker

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