March 2013

Did you know that there is a significant presence of Spanish speakers in 125 countries around the world?  That’s one reason our mission’s name was changed from CAM to Camino Global!  We are committed to reaching Hispanic peoples through evangelism and leadership training.

Rio Grande Bible College, where Arleen and I teach, is committed to train Spanish speakers to serve the Lord. Presently there are students from 16 countries in the student body.

Three Short Stories

DavidFirst Story: David is from Honduras and is a student of mine and is the son of a former student I had in Guatemala. David was part of a small evangelistic team to the Philippines last summer.  Now David is in his last year and he is looking forward to graduation and then to seek the Lord’s leading to serve as a missionary to Muslims in the Philippine Islands.

VivianaSecond Story: Viviana is a Hispanic young lady who grew up here on the Mexican border.  She has been studying with me in both classes and in sax lessons.  I have seen her grow over the past three years as we always include a few questions regarding her walk with the Lord. She works nights at a local medical lab and shares the lessons learned here at RGBI in her secular work place. She teaches and plays the keyboard at her local church.

VictorThird Story:  Victor is from Mexico and has studied with me first in a class and then in private lessons and is now studying piano with Arleen.  He has been heading up an incredible team to plant a church in a dangerous zone on the edge of Reynosa, Mexico.  Every trip involves traveling through several territories held by various drug lords.  God is blessing his team with eternal fruit.

Please pray for the nine teams that will be fanning out from the seminary in south Texas and northern Mexico this coming week.

Thanks for your prayers and support so we may continue to serve as God’s ambassadors to Hispanics by discipling one by one and communicating God’s Word set to music.

Your ambassadors on the Mexican border,

Phil Blycker Signature
Phil & Arleen Blycker

Field Address: Rio Grande Bible Institute ° 4300 S. Bus. Hwy. 281 ° Edinburgh, TX 78539
Home phone: 956-682-6273
Cell phone: 956-566-4799
Mission Address: Camino Global (formerly CAM International) ° 8625 La Prada Drive ° Dallas, TX 75228
Email addresses:,

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