February 2015

Rogelio and Victor

Rogelio and Victor

Warm greetings and best wishes from RGBC on the Mexican border!

We can only look back on 2014 and thank God for life and ministry in His name. It is hard to believe that we have been on the RGBC music faculty for ten years following our missionary service in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico. Arleen and I have so much to be thankful for. We could not have done that without the Lord’s guidance and the prayers and gifts of God’s people throughout the years, so we thank you!

We spent the lion’s share of the Christmas vacation 555 miles to the north of McAllen/Edinburg near Dallas. It was a joy to stay with our son Tim, his wife Debbie and their two sons during those days as we participated in the three weeks of services of a new church plant in Mesquite, Texas.

In the Bible College 27 new students from 7 countries have been accepted with 3 more hopefully to finish their visa requirements. There is room in the dorms, but the Admissions office has had to turn down 3 Latin married couples for lack of campus apartments. Join us in prayer that soon there will be additional apartments available for these young families.

One of the Dec. graduates was Crescenciano from Tepic, Mexico. His story is difficult: He does not know his father; his step-sisters are from different men. He has no home to return to and had to work to exist from his earliest years. A Venezuelan pastor led him to the Lord and recommended RGBC to him for training. He earned high grades in my music class and was always sitting in the front row in chapel services taking notes with his omnipresent tablet. He’ll be working with his pastor to reach out to mountain villages in the hope of starting small churches. He has no visible support. Will you pray fervently for him?

Two grads from last May were featured last week at a Missions Banquet as new missionaries. Rogelio is working in the mountainous region of Chiapas, Mexico. This area is where we sent a box of our Old Testament CDs and books of our Spanish songs and hymns to pastors that have been under religious and governmental attack. Victor founded his ministry just across the border in Reynosa with children and young people. Some drug lords have sent their children to his Bible classes. He will be married the end of March. Please pray for God’s blessing on their ministries, also!

Your musicianary ambassadors on the border,

Phil & Arleen Blycker

Phil Blycker Signature
Phil & Arleen Blycker

Field Address: Rio Grande Bible Institute ° 4300 S. Bus. Hwy. 281 ° Edinburgh, TX 78539
Home phone: 956-682-6273
Cell phone: 956-566-4799
Mission Address: Camino Global ° 8625 La Prada Drive ° Dallas, TX 75228
Email addresses: pblycker@sbcglobal.net ° ablycker@gmail.com
Website: https://pblycker.wordpress.com

“The Río Grande Bible College exists to develop Christ-centered leaders with a biblical worldview for the global church.”


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