October 2016

Puebla Music Camp

Panoramic picture of the campers, counselors and instructors for the Music Camp in Mexico.


1. Thanks to the Lord for 4,000 miles of safe driving from south Texas to New York State on the first third of our fall sabbatical. Some trouble with flat tires were resolved without accidents and we gratefully acknowledge that Dave, a longtime friend and supporter in Pennsylvania, insisted on purchasing four new Cooper tires for our van. Another Dave, a former student, just retired after 30 years as a band director near Lake Erie. He recalled, over a dinner of fresh perch, his French horn lessons some 40 years ago with me in Guatemala. God is so good!

2. Previous to the present trip we are on, we drove 6,000 miles west to participate in a family reunion featuring the wedding of our grandson Josiah near Portland, OR. The ceremony was led by our son Jonathan, a music minister in Spokane, WA. Later we had a great time of fellowship at a missionary conference in the mountains west of Los Angeles, CA. Following that week we drove down to Escondido and were driven to Tijuana, Mexico to minister in a large church in that thriving city. They were very interested in our Spanish CDs and music books of scriptural songs.

3. Upon returning to south Texas we flew down to central Mexico to visit with several families and teach at the music camp near Puebla. It was the largest in their history with 150 campers who came to study music and the Bible. On Thursday during chapel, a young man stood up and stated “I came to camp a Roman Catholic who knew about Christ in my head but I am happy to tell you that I now have Jesus in my heart.” After a few moments of silence every camper, counselor, and staff member burst into applause. Then eight campers slowly filed up toward the invited guest speaker from Costa Rica and with tears in their eyes also confessed Christ as their Savior. Also, God worked in the hearts of 24 campers who dedicated their lives to serve the Lord. What a great time of rejoicing we had!

4. Please enjoy the panoramic picture of all of us at the camp, pictured above. Thanks so much for your prayers and gifts that make it possible to minister in events like this, bringing light and life to Hispanics.


1. We’re now 1/3 of the way through our 3-month furlough to visit individuals and churches who pray and give to our ministry as Musicianaries to Hispanics. Pray with us for safety and stamina.

2. Please remember our new students at the Rio Grande Bible College this fall. Many of them are already ministering in local churches on both sides of the border.

3. Pray for those who are taking our place during our short furlough. Especially remember Anita from Chile who is highly gifted and is living in our home and will be getting married in December.

4. Finally, it is not too early to pray for the upcoming Missions Conference in late October at the local Hispanic church where we minister. We will fly back to participate in this exciting event.

In the strong name of Christ our Savior,

Phil Blycker Signature
Phil & Arleen Blycker

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Home phone: 956-682-6273
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