January 2017

I returned mid-January from a week-long trip down to Managua, Nicaragua. Our pastor invited me (paying my own round-trip) to sing and play my Scriptural music at a conference for pastors that he organized. He explained to the crowd of 200 pastors that his father was a lay-preacher for some Central American Mission Bible churches in his area of Nicaragua for many years. A number of his sons went into the ministry also. When his son Noah (our pastor) decided to study at the Rio Grande Bible College many years ago, he made him promise that he “would never forget the pastors of his homeland” and he has been going back to Nicaragua once every year since he graduated some 40 years ago. BTW, I taught one of his older brothers trumpet at the Central American Theological Seminary many years ago (in the late 1970’s).

In the forenoons there were three sermons delivered by different guest speakers from a number of countries. In the evening, Pastor Mendoza had rented the gymnasium of the University of Managua where about 2,000 attended the meetings which were more evangelistic. Praise the Lord, many young people made decisions of faith in Christ. The local churches had prepared a small orchestra that played one specially arranged piece and then accompanied the 3 hymns that were sung each evening. I sang and played an original number each evening also.


Arriving by jet from Houston at the tropical shoreline of Central America


Group of Hispanic & missionary speakers at the Pastor’s Conference in Managua, Nicaragua


Phil with Marcelino who recently finished his master’s degree at the Guatemalan seminary and now heads the Nicaraguan Bible Seminary where the morning sessions were held for 200 pastors


I was thrilled to see Gabriela, a grad from Rio Grande Bible College, who just returned home to Nicaragua from India as a short-term missionary.


This “classroom on the roof” was so enjoyable to experience; below is the dining hall and offices.


Here I am playing my trumpet along with an accompaniment CD in case there was no musical instrument available.


While most of the pastors (and youth leaders) came from Managua, some drove in from distant places to hear the Word of the Lord preached and taught.


In the nearby city of Masaya our group was feted with a delicious meal; we noted the motor bikes ready to cater meals.


The evening services of the pastors conference was held in the basketball stadium of the University of Managua; some 2,000 people heard good music and great preaching from the Word of God.


Phil plays a trumpet solo with another missionary holding the mic, a small orchestra played one special arrangement and accompanied the three hymns that were sung each evening.


I met a number of former students from both the seminary and the Bible institute in Guatemala where Arleen and I ministered for some 25 years: Boanerges is the older brother of our pastor here in south Texas who has ministered in Managua for over 40 years; also Raema, a faithful servant of our Lord, who has worked for the Bible Society in Nicaragua and also ministered in the Women’s Prison in Managua for more than 40 years.


Our pastor, the Rev. Noah Mendoza, gave the altar call for those who were accepting Christ as their Savior or were dedicating their lives to serve the Lord.


Back home in Texas we had breakfast with 3rd year student Zuri from Cuba; we talked about the trip to the Pastors Conference in Nicaragua.


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