About Blycker Notes

This website is dedicated to better communicating with our (Phil and Arleen Blycker, aka, “Musicianaries to Hispanics”) audience that’s made up of friends, relatives, supporters and visitors that may be interested in our music ministry or Latin American ethnomusicology and/or music pedagogy in the area of evangelical missiology.

On this site we will provide both personal information and interesting details involving our ministry of teaching at the Rio Grande Bible Seminary and events such as evangelistic outreaches, music camps, Bible conferences and other related activities. Finally, but most importantly, we will solicit comments and questions regarding our lives and our work.

We have sent out printed notes and letters since 1966 when we joined CAM, our sending organization, founded back in 1890. With the help of a close friend who is knowledgeable in this area we will post newsletters that hopefully will appear every four to six weeks, more often if needed, and, hopefully never less frequently than quarterly.

We are doing this because it is our desire to share the blessings and details of our ministry of serving the Lord as music missionaries with as many people as possible in an attactive format that is easy to locate and understand.


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