April 2003

(Friday, 4 April 2003)

Dear friends,

A number of you have asked for more information regarding a recent incident that appeared on CNN.  A van from Honduras was shot at and the driver was killed.  We may have actually passed this vehicle on the way to a missions conference last Friday.  The occupants were home-schoolers from various evangelical missions in Honduras on their way to the highlands of Guatemala for a weekend retreat.  Apparently the thugs were seeking to rob them, when, because of a defensive move by the driver, opened fire and instantly killed him.  Last year he had remarked to a fellow missionary that he would attempt to ram another car off the road if and when he felt threatened.  The passengers were robbed, but left unharmed.  Their passports were not taken, only cash and a laptop computer.  Several missionaries with CAM and representatives from the American Embassy provided help.

We were instructed by our mission leaders to not put up a fight in the event of a robbery.  We just do not know how well armed thieves might be.  It was reported that these characters had Uzis.  We pray for the young people who were so frightened and for their families.  We also remember the wife and children of Todd, the driver, who was a 42-year-old missionary.  One young lady in the van is the daughter of CAM missionaries in Honduras.

Today’s paper told us that there is one car theft every hour in Guatemala now.  Please continue to pray for our safety as we go about doing the work of the Lord to which we have been called.

In the service of the King of kings,

Phil and Arleen


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