April 2004


a.      Last week we had a special time of praise and gratitude to our Lord for calling a young man named Ed Sywulka to the mission field.  Seventy years ago he arrived in Guatemala to translate and teach the Bible.  He was born in Africa of missionary parents and married Pauline, who was born in Guatemala of missionary parents.  They have been serving the Lord in Guatemala ever since.  When Ed began his ministry there were just a couple of churches speaking the Indian dialect of MAM; now there are hundreds!

b.      Last night the speaker chosen to close the week-long 75th anniversary celebration was Dr. Emilio Núñez.  He came here to study in 1944 when the seminary was a Bible School.  This dynamic 80-year-old challenged us to think biblically in all we say and do.  He also shared his vision to reach a world without Jesus Christ.  He is now beginning to write yet another book to help in the training of young preachers and teachers in the Hispanic world.


a.      The exciting 40-voice “Celebration Choir” opened the week-long celebration for the 75th anniversary of the Central American Theological Seminary.

b.       We appreciate your prayers for our “Asaph” male chorus in Chimaltenango.  The CD we have recorded is now in the hands of the communications department.


a.      Praise the Lord that the Daniel Tax family will be graduating this fall from the Guatemala Bible Seminary.  He is grateful for the financial help received from our supporters..

b.       Praise God that Flavio and Martha will be finishing their last year in our music school this fall thanks to the financial help of supporters.


  1. Andres is a father of five children without a leg who badly needs an artificial limb.  Much of the cost has been promised, but some financing is still needed.
  2. Four Guatemalan physicians could not help my loss of hearing.  A longtime friend, René Zapata, strongly recommended a specialist in Puebla, Mexico.  On Palm Sunday Arleen and I flew, by faith, to Mexico.  I am now taking the prescribed medicine.  Pray with us for complete healing and that the Lord will send in the funds we spent on that trip.  While we were there, we participated in three Holy Week services, ending in a glorious pre-dawn Easter celebration.

Thanks for your faithfulness to God in both praying and giving so that we can continue to work as “Musicianaries” in Mesoamerica.  We praise Him for your part in our ministry.

Serving as your music missionaries in Guatemala,

Phil and Arleen


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