August 2003

Thank the LORD with us for the following:

1.  Guatemala Bible Seminary in Chimaltenango – 80 years of service to God and His church.  Giovanni Cordero (from El Salvador) has begun his last trimester as a music major.  He has submitted the first draft of his thesis to me that discusses the problems of a ministry of sacred music in a “post-modern” culture in the Bible churches of  San Salvador.  He sings in my Male Chorus “Asaph” and plays the flute, clarinet, cello, and piano.

2.  Central American Theological Seminary75 years of service to God and His church. Santos Rivera (from Honduras) who sang bass in our “Doxology” Choir at the C. A. T. S. and has now begun work on a doctoral degree in Christian ministries here at his alma mater.  He has planted churches in Honduras, Mexico and California and ministered to gang members in L.A.  His desire is to multiply his evangelistic efforts through teaching and preaching on an international radio program.

3.  The School of Sacred Music, a division of C.A.T.S. – 10 years of service to God and His church.  The chapel was transformed into a concert hall when 85 members of the Guatemala National Symphony Orchestra played a concert with overtures, Guatemalan folk music, and two wonderful arrangements of “How Great Thou Art” and “Shout to the Lord”.  Naphtali Sanic (speaks Cakchiquel) just played his senior piano recital in the recording studio of TGNA.  He is my teaching assistant out in Chimaltenango at G.B.S. instructing individuals in voice and beginning keyboard.

4.  The Republic of Guatemalaover a century of religious liberty to teach and preach the Word of God.  Antonio Ramírez, a musician from Santiago Atitlán, Sololá, located on Lake Atitlán, has worked with me for many years teaching both instrumental groups and choirs in the towns that speak Tzutujil.  He keeps calling me on the telephone for instruction.

5.  “Samuel” Student Center and the Nazareth Bible Church of Patzicía – 12 years of service to God.  Both were founded by a former student, Carlos Enrique Ajquejay.  Several work teams from churches in OH, MI & TX  have come down to help with construction and have made a tremendous contribution.  Many children and their parents have come to a saving knowledge of Christ as Savior through the ministry of our disciple, “Quique”.  He plans on making a quick trip to the U.S. in the future.

Please pray for our safety, for an effective ministry, and for new sources of monthly support as we continue to serve our Lord.  Several long-time contributors are now in Heaven.  Who will replace them?  You may have read of recent political disturbances; they have not affected our ministries.  Thanks so very much for your prayers and offerings which have enabled us to continue our ministry of music and for Arleen’s slow recovery from the “shingles” virus.

In the service of the King,

Phil Blycker Signature


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