August 2004

We rejoice that the Lord touched a number of churches and individuals to send offerings to help Andres (a father of nine children, and more importantly, a faithful Christian layman), to receive an artificial limb.  He now has it and praises the Lord.

Benjamin Criada has been functioning as both a Bible teacher and a counselor at the center begun by our former student, Enrique “Quique” (KEY-kay) Ajquejay.  In the mornings Benjamin is a 6th grade teacher in the public schools of Patzicía (Pot-see-SEE-ah).  He has applied to the Central American Theological Seminary to begin studies in January in the Saturday plan for advanced Bible studies.  Pray with us for scholarship funds for this proven leader.  By the way, both Benjamin and Quique are singing in our seminary choir.

Arleen and I flew up to Mexico during the break between trimesters for three purposes:

  1. I taught a course at the Music Camp near Valsequillo, Puebla;
  2. We both ministered at a VBS near a large housing development for low income people along with Tim and Deb, our son and daughter-in-law where a number of children made professions of faith in Jesus Christ;
  3. I met twice with the E.N.T. specialist who removed a small growth in the external channel of my right ear and then discovered a perforation in the eardrum that he estimated dated from childhood.  Tests were run at a hearing clinic and also a number of CAT scans were done on the middle ear.  The doctor’s comment was: “Just learn to live with the 20% loss of hearing in the right ear because if you have surgery an additional scar tissue will exist that will further inhibit hearing.”  I would ask you to pray that the Lord would permit me to continue ministering for His honor and glory at my present level of hearing.

Please pray for the last of the hymnal accompaniment tracks to be finished.  Danny Ceballos is a  graduate of the Central American Theological Seminary, and now a music missionary in Honduras.  He is very excited about his part in my project to provide a set of CDs to the public to help in learning the music and words of our Celebremos hymnal.

Thanks so much for your faithfulness to the Lord in both praying and giving so that we can continue to minister as “Musicianaries” in Latin America.  We like to help our students obtain their own musical instruments.  If you know anyone that is planning a trip to Guatemala in the near future and could bring additional trumpets or saxophones, they would surely be appreciated.  Several churches have done that and the instruments are now in the service of the King.

Serving as your music missionaries in Guatemala,

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