August 2006

“Musicianaries” to Hispanics

Where has the summer gone? Wow! Listen to how God has worked through us and in us these past two months. Our participation in the Music Camp of Oasis de Agua Viva (Living Water) near Puebla was greatly blessed by our Lord. About 130 sang in the choir which included teachers and counselors. While I led the band, Arleen led a string orchestra of violins and cellos. Young people from many churches attended.

Later we participated in a Music Institute in Acapulco (no A.C. in the auditorium of the large church where we met.) What a great time we had teaching music to 50 young people, many of whom are already occupying positions of leadership in local churches on the hot and steamy Pacific coast. Many spiritual lessons and truths were taught and learned and we hope to be back to both venues next summer. Both groups enjoyed singing my exciting new Scriptural song based on the rhetorical question of Nahum 7:18-19, “Who Is a God Like You?” (¿Qué Dios es como tú?). On Sundays we were in local churches singing and playing our instruments and teaching scriptural songs to the glory of God.

We participated in the annual faculty retreat of the Rio Grande Bible Institute on the border, and this week we have been active in greeting the new students from North, Central and South America who desire to be trained in the Word of God so they can be successful ministers and workers for the Lord across Latin America. Pray with us that the consuls in the embassies in these countries will continue to approve their visas for studies in south Texas, and that more Hispanics from the USA will attend.

We asked you to pray for God’s blessing on the thousands of full-color fold-out tracts with the World Cup soccer schedule on one side and the Gospel on the other which have been handed out across central Mexico. Many people have responded and a number of them have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and, here’s the bottom line…you’ll see the fruit of your prayers in heaven one day!

A number of people have asked us, How is your support level? The answer is: “Our great God is continuing to supply all our needs, but at present we are 19% below full support.” In addition, Arleen’s personal computer—which crashed in Mexico—had to be replaced for $1,100.

We are so grateful to you who are members of our team whose gifts and prayers for this ministry make it possible to continue ministering to Hispanics though music for His glory. We are also thankful that we will be seeing many of you in the coming months as we travel to many homes, schools and churches to share the results of our work as “musicianaries” in Latin America, a field that is white unto harvest. Our good friend and former student, Pastor Carlos Enrique from Guatemala will be accompanying us on this trip. Remember that God loves you and we do too!

Happy in the service of the King,

Phil Blycker Signature
Phil and Arleen Blycker
Note: This contact information has been updated, and is current: March, 2011.
CAM International RGBI
8625 La Prada Dr. 4300 S. Bus. Hwy. 281
Dallas, TX 75228 Edinburgh, TX 78539 956-682-6273

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