December 2004

“Joy to the world, the Lord has come!”

Thanks so much for praying and giving so we might continue to serve our Lord through the ministry of sacred music as your musical and spiritual ambassadors in Latin America. Right now our former students Mardoqueo and Francisco, now serving as leaders in the two seminaries where we have been teaching, are gearing up for the 2005 school year. Please pray for them.

Many of our friends are providing music scholarships in our seminaries in Guatemala. For only $50 a month we can make sure the matriculation and tuition expenses are taken care of for these talented young people who are so excited to be receiving excellent biblical and musical training even though they may lack the necessary finances to pay their own way.

We’ve received $600 of the needed $2,800 for the purchase of two LCD projectors for power point presentations. One is needed in the seminary’s School of Sacred Music and the other will be used in our teaching ministry. We would love to return with them tucked in our suitcases!

The Lord continues to supply ALL our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. This Christmas season we find our need of monthly support to be lacking $440 per month. Please make this a matter of prayer… and to think that our total support was $580 when we left for Guatemala with two little children back in December, 1967!

We have been on the road for over two months since we left Central America in our Volvo and God has blessed us with a safe trip. I have taken special medications for my middle ear problem called cholesteatoma and am uncertain as to what the next step might be. I have lost about ¼ of my hearing on the right side but feel no pain and would appreciate your prayers.

Our disciple Quique Ajquejay has now flown home for the annual camp for children in Patzicía, Guatemala. He is grateful for his new piano and the offerings he received for his new well.

Here is a quick update on the Blycker family. We spent quality time with Tim & Deb and their 2 boys in Puebla, Mexico and later celebrated Thanksgiving with Ben & Angela with their boy Lars in Spring Lake, Michigan. We’re anxious to be with Linnea & James and their 9 children in Roseburg, Oregon and with Jonathan & Blair and their two girls in Spokane, Washington for Christmas. We are so proud of them and happy that they are all joyously serving the Lord.

Phil & Arleen


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