Easter 2005


Phil and the Guatelama Bible Institute ASAPH Male Chorus

In Guatemala, during Holy Week many streets are shut off to allow the avenues to be covered with colorful “carpets” of dyed sawdust. Beautiful designs with flowers, geometric figures, or religious symbols such as the cross or the crown of thorns may be seen. Solemn processions will then slowly move over them. Many will shed tears as images of a dead Christ in a glass-covered coffin or a sorrowful Virgin Mary pass by on huge floats. Then they’ll leave for the beaches or mountains to enjoy the holidays and little notice will be given to the greatest event in history–the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Very soon we will be given the privilege of listening to the CD of the ASAPH Male Chorus (above) recorded at the Guatemala Bible Seminary in Chimaltenango. Pray for those who are in charge of the production. Our final classes in the School of Sacred Music at the Central American Theological Seminary are going very well. Pray for the many students who have financial needs.

Sunday morning in our oldest church, founded in 1899 by a pioneer missionary, we had a 15-minute musical prelude, and several more opportunities to give our testimony of the great faithfulness of our Lord. They showered us with gifts from the choir, the board of elders and the ladies missionary society. Thanks again for your continued prayers for our ministry as we make many decisions regarding our change in fields. Both the Puebla Bible Seminary (Mexico) and the Rio Grande Bible Institute (Texas border) are excited about our coming.

This last week we were able to purchase a 2003 minivan through a supporting church in West Palm Beach at an auction. Arleen’s brother Al and his wife Kay will pick it up very shortly and drive it to Texas where we will meet them at Bibleville, in Alamo, near McAllen. Please pray for the quick sale of our older Volvo station wagon here in Guatemala City and the upcoming trip north with our former student, Carlos Enrique (Quique).

We want to reiterate our gratefulness once again for giving toward our ministry here and interceding for us so that we might have effective results in the work that our Heavenly Father has given us. The Lord bless you.

Rejoicing in His service,

Phil and Arleen


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