July 2009

Thanks for praying for our summertime ministry.  Thanks, also, for remembering to pray for our graduates of Rio Grande Bible Institute.  We are now receiving positive emails regarding their new pastorates and similar ministries.  We’re grateful to the Lord for the good trip to FL and AL following graduation.  Our next trip took us to Guatemala.  A few days after arriving with the mission group we received a long distance phone call from our son Benjamin explaining that the Lord had just called our granddaughter Sarah Joy to be with Him in heaven.  You’ll recall that she was born over six years ago to our daughter Linnea and James Witt in Roseburg, OR and suffered from spina bifida.  She was a sweetheart—in spite of the fact that she was paralyzed from the waist down.  I was able to arrange a “bereavement” flight with Continental Airlines for Arleen to be at our daughter’s side during the next few days.  I chose to continue on in Central America with the team from Houston and was able to make a number of recordings in the studios of TGNA on the campus of the Central American Theological Seminary in Guatemala City regarding my new Scriptural songs and hymns. Great is the faithfulness of our Lord.

Thanks for praying for God’s protection and blessing.  Following the trip to Central America we flew up to OH and PA.  The highlight was the family reunion of my life-time friend Dave Cooper and his 50th wedding anniversary.  (We were in the same Cradle Roll Sunday School class in 1939 in Chicago!)  We ministered in a number of churches and homes on that trip also. God is so good!

Thanks for your prayers and gifts. This week we fly up to Oregon to have a time of thankful remembrance for the life of our granddaughter along with other family members.  We recall the great hymn of the William Cowper entitled “God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform” based upon “So are my ways higher than your ways” (Isa. 55:9).  I have also written a hymn for this occasion.  Let me know if you would like a copy.  Soon we will be driving down to Mexico to minister in the annual Music Camp near Puebla.  We couldn’t do it without YOU.  Thanks for part in our ministry of serving the Lord as “musicianaries to Hispanics”.

Happy in the service of the King,

Phil and Arleen Blycker


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