June 2002

These are vacation months for those of you in the States.  Here in Central America we are in the middle of the school year.  Our second trimester ends mid-July.

In May we hosted a visiting couple from Alabama who have supported us with their prayers and gifts for many years.  They accompanied us to a number of churches in the capital city and also up in the mountains, across the lake, and in the tropics on the coast.  They also witnessed our classes in Guatemala City and out in the Bible Seminary.  Stan and Margaret also joined us at a Korean Presbyterian Church for a national choral seminar at which I served as the main translator for the clinicians from the U.S.A.  We ended Friday night with 225 singing the “Hallelujah Chorus” from Messiah accompanied by an orchestra of Christian musicians  including Arleen on her cello!

It is our privilege to have several talented musicians with us this month, Josh, Laura, and Stephanie, who are down here checking out the mission field for future ministry.  There is an urgent need for music teachers here at the two seminaries.  Pray for God’s direction and perfect timing in their lives, and our influence these days as we minister together.  They are performing in six concerts in Guatemala.

It is always exciting to hear the stories of how our students came to know the Lord and came to study.  Let us share Daniel’s story.  He was in a gang (still bears the tattoos), drank, robbed, and was on drugs.  He was from a divorced family.  He heard about the Lord from his aunt but was afraid of his gang and that the church would put him on discipline. One day on the bus he bowed his head and turned his life over to God.  His wife had wanted to accept  Christ as her Savior, but was waiting for him to take the first step.  Their vibrant smiles show the joy of the Lord.  They have two adorable preschoolers.  Pray for Daniel & Leticia as they prepare for ministry. They’re grateful for some monthly support from a family in Ohio as a response from a previous letter.  He sings in the male chorus at the Guatemala Bible Seminary.

Our kids are moving around this summer.  Tim & Deb are preparing for home assignment in Oregon where they will raise support and ministry expenses.  Ben & Angela are in Chicago raising funds in the next six weeks for their upcoming move to Mexico City, to be teaching in an academy as well as working in a Christian audio-visual studio.  Their little guy, Lars, enjoyed meeting his cousins on their trip to Mexico.  Linnea & James probably won’t be going too far away, as they are expecting child #9 this coming September.  We have received good reports from Jon & Blair regarding his work as music and worship leader in Spokane.  Their little doll baby, Katie, born Christmas day is getting so big.  Her pictures are adorable!

Thanks for your prayers and offerings for our family and ministry.

God bless you dearly,

Phil and Arleen


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