June 2003

We are grateful to our Lord for His provision not only for us, but for those with whom we work.  There are married couples studying at the Guatemala Bible Seminary who are so thankful for the offerings that have come their way through our friends in the USA.  There are also some very needy students at the School of Sacred Music at the Central American Theological Seminary who are now able to continue to pursure their degrees because of gifts and prayers, specifically two third-year students, Flavio from San Marcos and Martha from El Quiche.  Both are so grateful for the help that has already arrived; more is needed so pray with us that God will supply their needs.  Please check our May letter regarding this opportunity.

We have noticed that there is a heightened “terrorist alert” in the USA.  Many of our students have been involved in a war-like situation for the liberation from sin.  The Apostle Paul tells us in the letter to the Ephesians that we should stand up for the Lord Jesus and that the battle for the souls of men is quite real.  Listen to the following report of student activities―outside the seminary classroom.

One of the largest movements of people in the capital city is the national bus terminal where many food products arrive and are sold and, incidently, where many criminals make their headquarters.  During the week of Mother’s Day our seminary students presented a wonderful program with an evangelistic thrust to 135 mothers and over 250 children in the terminal.  The seminarians gave out 6 huge baskets of food to these needy moms which included Mother’s Day cards.  The children received bags of candy and they really appreciated that!  We thank God for the 12 mothers and 8 children who made professions of faith in Christ.  Arleen and I were able to contribute food stuffs for the baskets.  It was a thrill to have a small part in this ministry.  We could not have done this without your help in praying and giving.

This Sunday the male chorus ASAPH will be singing in the Indian town of El Tejar (the tile) where bricks and roof tiles have been made since pre-columbian days.  Please pray for the Holy Spirit to use us as we minister in word and song.

Thanks for being a vital part of this music ministry.  We pray for God’s richest blessings on you.

In Christ’s stength,

<h2>Phil & Arleen</h2>


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