June 2004

Richard was born on an English-speaking island off the coast of Honduras and came to study the Bible at the Central American Theological Seminary.  However, he also came to study the trumpet with Felipe Blycker.  After four years he was doing his own hymn arrangements and could play a concerto by Haydn.  He is now a full-time missionary in Mexico doing church planting and evangelism.  Last week he came to my office and handed me a CD he had just made with music for trumpet and shofar.  I had never heard anything like it!  Pray for this creative minister of the gospel as he wins souls for Jesus Christ and uses his talents for His honor and glory!

Jeremiah was also born in Honduras, but on the mainland.  He also came to study Bible and trumpet at the C.A.T.S.  Like Richard, Jeremiah did very well on the trumpet and has been in the pastorate for some 15 years.  His wife, Elsa, is in charge of a department in the seminary that offers a structured correspondence course or short-term Bible studies.  She sang in our choir for four years. One of their sons, Paul, studied the cornet at our seminary during his high school years and is now a student in our seminary; another son, Joel, studied clarinet with us and is presently a student in the National Conservatory of Music.  Pray for these faithful servants as they preach, teach, and reach many for our Lord and Savior.


Our 40-voice “Celebration” Choir continues to sing in venues around Guatemala. We have sung at the prestigious Nazareth Church and at the inner-city Bethany Baptist Church.  This weekend we’ll be singing in Patzicía (Pot-see-SEE-ah) at another former student’s church that he founded after beginning a work among children.  Quique (Kee-kay) sang in our seminary choir for 4 years and began his own choir and continues to teach Bible and music at his Samuel Student Center.

Next month we’ll travel to Santiago Atitlán to the huge Salem Bible church (thousands of members) and then, by boat, over to San Pedro to the Smyrna Bible Church.  Mordecai, another former student, is a former pastor of that church and is now the interim director of the C.A.T.S. music department.


We have previously mentioned Andres, a father  who needs an artificial limb.  We have received $1,850 and only lack $900.  He can’t ride his bike to work with his present prosthesis.  Pray for this need to be met.  If God leads you to help, you may send an offering for Andres to us at our Miami courier mail box so that he can get the limb he so desperately needs.

The Mexican ENT specialist recommended a Guatemalan who has me taking some pills and a series of 10 injections in an attempt to eliminate the fluid in my middle ear.  Arleen and I will be flying up to Puebla, Mexico for yet another appointment between trimesters.  Several have helped with travel costs and we are very grateful for that.  Please pray with us for complete healing and that the Lord will send in the funds for the trip.  We have been invited to minister at the Music Camp near Valsequillo, Puebla while we are there.  Pray for God’s blessing on that special ministry with young people, also.

Thanks so much for your faithfulness to the Lord in both praying and giving so that we can continue to minister as “Musicianaries” in Latin America.  By the way, if you know anyone that is planning a trip to Guatemala in the near future and could bring additional trumpets or saxophones, they would surely be appreciated.  Several churches have done that and the instruments are now in the service of the King.

Serving as your music missionaries in Guatemala,



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