June 2005

One of the most difficult tasks of a missionary is making international moves. They take their toll in finances, furnishings, and feelings. However, when God is the author, great is the reward. We have felt your prayers for us during this time.

This Saturday we will be ministering at a couples’ dinner on the subject of love in San Juan del Rio, Mexico, and will be participating in the Sunday morning worship service. A number of unbelievers will be attending; pray for this wonderful opportunity to share our faith in Christ.

In July we’ll be teaching and leading at the 50th music camp held near Puebla, Mexico. Pray for strength. The students and faculty at the Puebla Bible Seminary ask for your prayers during these summer months of ministry.

A nearby Mobile Home Park administrator here in Texas on the Mexican border has requested that we organize Sunday services in the winter season. The previous management didn’t allow Christ to be presented. Pray for these exciting plans. We’ll be in Texas in January to work on writing and recording projects and teaching at Rio Grande Bible Institute.

We want to share our family news with you. Linnea and James are expecting their 10th child in September. Ben and Angela are expecting their second child in November. Arleen has made plans to go help both girls. Pray for safe deliveries.

Your letters, prayers, and support keep us going. We are so grateful for you!

In the service of the King,

Phil Blycker Signature
Phil and Arleen Blycker
Note: This contact information has been updated, and is current: March, 2011.
CAM International RGBI pblycker@sbsglobal.net
8625 La Prada Dr. 4300 S. Bus. Hwy. 281 ablycker@gmail.com
Dallas, TX 75228 Edinburgh, TX 78539 956-682-6273

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