March 2004


When I walked out of my office after a full day of teaching my department head asked me if I had heard about Ezekiel Martínez.  He had studied clarinet with me and traveled with us on a number of choir trips in Central America, Mexico and the USA.  He has been a pastor, evangelist and an international radio speaker.  This morning he was purchasing an item at a hardware store in a suburb of the capital city when he got caught in the crossfire between thieves and the store manager.  The Lord opened His arms to our former student and now he is in His Savior’s presence.  It brought home the fact that we need to be about our Father’s business because we do not know when we will be called home.  His parents, brothers and sisters are all in the Lord’s work.  Please pray for the Martínez family as they grieve the loss of their loved one.


a.      Thanks for praying for our “Asaph” male chorus in Chimaltenango.  We will be singing in churches and are making plans for a CD.

b.      Thanks for praying for our weekly rehearsal for our newly formed “Celebration” choir for the 75th anniversary of the Central American Theological Seminary.

c.      Thanks for praying for the mission team from a supporting church.  They have attended some classes, participated in an evangelistic thrust in a number of public junior and senior high schools in the capital city and will also be helping in a construction project in a children’s center.


a.      Praise the Lord that there are now three Cubans studying at the seminary in the capital and one more is attempting to get her visa to study at the Guatemala Bible Seminary.

b.      Give thanks to God for the wonderful time that Arleen and I had at a recent international workshop on church music.  The Lord supplied all our needs.

c.      We are grateful for you and your faithfulness in both praying and giving so that we can continue to serve our Savior as “Musicianaries” in Latin America.  We praise God for your part in our ministry.

Serving as your music missionaries in Latin America,

Phil and Arleen


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