March 2009

MusicalNotesHere is a quick overview of the highlights of our ministry of music for the first quarter of 2009.


Phil at the Rio Grande Bible Institute

The enrollment in the Rio Grande Bible Seminary (RGBI) reached 100 students in residence for the first time in some 8 years. In earlier years even more were enrolled, but with 9/11 and other issues that intervened the numbers dropped. However with much prayer and even stricter admission standards and a good program of interviews and PR with the various Hispanic consulates, God has brought us a good group. There is a real spirit of unity and desire to study and walk with God.

Arleen and I continue to minister in churches and conferences to share musically the Word of God. Occasionally people come up to us and say, “Remember me?” (Sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t!) Well I sang alto in your choir 25 years ago and the music is still running through my mind with its great messages. I especially recall … and here’s how my part went.” They go right on singing their part from yesteryear and remind us how very important it is to get the Bible message into their hearts and minds.

Our classes in the seminary continue to be a great joy to us as we have the privilege of not only teaching RGBI young people but folks from neighboring churches who wish to continue their studies in the Word of God in the area of sacred music.

In our last letter we mentioned the need to cover the expense of a new Macintosh computer for recording purposes along with a professional Pro-Tools recording program. We are asking the Lord to supply the sum of $2,250. We took that amount out of our shrinking retirement program to cover those expenses. $150 has come in. We are also looking for $500 to purchase the third octave for a set of Hand Chimes for Music Camp in Mexico. $50 has been promised. Thanks for praying and giving!

In addition to our classes at RGBI, we are devoting a number of hours each day in editing the music we are about to publish. We also continue to spend much time recording—singing, playing, listening, reviewing, mixing and praying that the first two CDs of this project will soon become a reality.  Thank you for your important part in this project.


Dr. & Mrs. Philip Blycker Home phone: 956-682-6273
4300 S. Bus. Hwy. 281
Edinburgh, TX 78539

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