May 2003

We wish you could have been there with us!  We arrived early Easter morning at a beautiful outdoor amplitheatre in Guatemala City.  We warmed up the voices in our octet and checked with the missionary technician of TGNA Radio regarding mike placement.  Our hearts were thrilled as thousands heard the praises of our resurrected Savior.  As the sun began shooting its first rays across the giant pine trees, a song I learned as a child came to mind:

“The birds upon the treetops sing their song;
the angels chant the chorus all day long;
the flowers in the garden blend their hue;
so why don’t I, why don’t you PRAISE HIM, too.”

We have an urgent need to share with you that demands both prayer and action.  Two dedicated third-year students in the music program of the Central American Theological Seminary: Flavio from San Marcos and Martha from El Quiché are in desperate need of monthly scholarships.  Both get on the bus at 2 AM every Saturday to be in their class by 7 AM.  Both come from humble backgrounds and have a great desire to continue studying to serve the Lord in their home churches.  In order to help them stay on course in the sacred music program, they both need $80 per month.  This amount or any part of it would be appreciated and could be sent directly to us and we would then deposit it to their accounts.

We are very humbled and grateful to the Lord when we think of the sacrifice that is involved in each of you taking the time to pray for us and uphold us through your missionary giving.  You are a vital part of this music ministry and we ask God’s blessing on you.  Next time you drink a cup of coffee or tea, pray for us!

In the strong name of our soon-coming Savior,

Phil & Arleen


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