May 2008

MusicalNotesWarm greetings from the Texas border of Mexico!

We celebrated our annual spring commencement with 10 students graduating from the Bible Institute and 22 students graduating from the Missionary Language School. The following day we witnessed the beautiful wedding ceremony of our student Abi to Julie, the secretary of the seminary’s president and the daughter of a Vice President of RGBI. This is the young man who is helping us in the recording of our Bible songs and hymns in Spanish with his talent on the guitar. This fine Mexican musician will again be available when he returns from his honeymoon.

We have two special ministry opportunities to present to you at this time:

1. RECORDING PROJECT. The accounting department of RGBI sent us a message. Since the hours of student scholarship on this project are tied in to pay Abi’s tuition, those funds must be replaced by us in order to maintain the ownership of our hymns which would, by IRS rules, revert to the seminary. We need to receive a special offering of $2,000 earmarked for the recording project which would be turned over to RGBI.
2. WORK PROJECT. The South Texas summertime heat is like an oven and we have a very special request. We need to extend our concrete driveway about 20 feet to be able to put up a metal carport. Also, a cedar fence would have to be moved and extended. Mr. Bill Graf of the maintenance staff of RGBI is in charge of summer work projects and has offered to coordinate this job and is the person we would work with. The whole project could be finished within a week. We would be able to offer hospitality for up to six people. We would like this job to be finished in June to keep our Honda Accord from baking in the sun!

Here are four seminary teams to pray for that are presently on tour this summer: (1) Spain team; (2) India team; (3) Mexico team; (4) USA & Canada team. Ask the Lord for traveling mercies, that many people will come to know the Lord Jesus as their Savior and that a number of students will be drawn to RGBI to study for Christian service.

We are very grateful for your faithful prayer and financial support so that we can remain in the Rio Grande Valley with our hands on the plow and our eyes on Christ.

In the strong name of our soon-coming Savior,


Dr. & Mrs. Philip Blycker Home phone: 956-682-6273
4300 S. Bus. Hwy. 281
Edinburgh, TX 78539

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