November 2005

PhilAndArleenNov2005Pastor Quique Ajquejay, our former student that many of you met, has been going through some trying times. Compassion Int’l. pulled out from his children’s center for a larger church in Patzicía, Guatemala. They removed much equipment and emptied the center’s bank account. 150 children left his center for the larger church, but by faith 50 decided to remain in Quique’s ministry. He is seeking support for these precious children and wants to open a Christian Day School. Pray for wisdom and support for this endeavor. We are awaiting word from a supporting church in Texas which may serve as a financial channel to receive and send funds to the Samuel Children’s Center in Guatemala.

Arleen has been having trouble for some months with pain in her knees. The orthopedic M.D. prescribed physical therapy 3 times a week. It seems to be bone against bone, plus tendon damage. Thanks for praying for her.

Pray for our grandson, Caleb (12), Tim and Debbie’s son, who is in Dallas undergoing extensive eye, ear, and neurological tests; the preliminary diagnosis in Mexico was mild autism.

Here’s some other family news. James and Linnea (OR) had a little girl, Victoria Michelle Witt born in Sept. Ben and Angela (MI) are expecting their 2nd the end of Nov. Jon and Blair (WA) are expecting their 3rd in April, 06. There is no greater joy than to see our children walking with the Lord and training their children to serve our great God, also.

There is so much for which to be thankful. It’s such a joy to be in the work of the Lord! In just a few weeks we will be having our fall music recitals and in the first week in Dec. the Puebla Bible Seminary’s massed choir of 250 voices with full orchestra will be presenting 3 concerts as a living Christmas tree. We saw the impressive steel frame this week. A large auditorium will be used to attract the public.

Thank you for your partnership in ministry with us in Mexico.

With hearts full of gratitude,

Phil Blycker Signature
Phil and Arleen Blycker
Note: This contact information has been updated, and is current: March, 2011.
CAM International RGBI
8625 La Prada Dr. 4300 S. Bus. Hwy. 281
Dallas, TX 75228 Edinburgh, TX 78539 956-682-6273

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