October 2003

What would we do without the following people?  Thank the LORD with us for these “teammates” that help us accomplish the mission that God has set before us.

1.  This week I requested that the dean ask Francisco Javier Xajpot (Shock-pote) to assume my responsibilities as the Director of the Music Department of the Guatemala Bible Seminary in Chimaltenango.  Another CAM missionary, Cameron Townsend, founded this center of biblical studies and training  80 years ago.  Francisco told me that when he was 12 years old he remembers me leading a choral and instumental concert in his church of 3,000 members (Salem Bible Church) which moved him to say to his parents: “That’s something that I would like to do for God when I grow up.”  Interestingly, Francisco told me this week that Cameron Townsend evangelized his grandfather back in the ‘20s and gave him a copy of the New Testament he had just translated in his mother tongue of Cakchiquel.  Francisco teaches music courses and directs the student folk group and male quartet in the seminary.

2.  Mardoqueo (Mordecai) Pop (pope) is the first graduate of EMUSA, the School of Sacred Music at the Central American Theological Seminary in Guatemala City now celebrating 75 years of service to the Lord.  Mardo is a marvelous administrator and is leading the 150 students at the music school.  He speaks three languages (and is now studying Greek) and is a wonderful pianist and choir director.

3.  This coming week we will be traveling to Mexico and the central and southeast USA to give reports and present music.  We will be traveling with a personal disciple and former student, Carlos Enrique Ajquejay.  He’ll be playing the guitar, keyboard, trumpet and singing a number of Latin American favorites with us.

In our last letter we asked you to pray for our safety, for an effective ministry, and for new sources of monthly support as we continue to serve our Lord.  We mentioned that several long-time contributors are now in Heaven.  Who will replace them?  Thanks so very much for your prayers and offerings, which have enabled us to continue our ministry of music.  Continue to pray for our sweet little granddaughter, Sarah, who is now one year old and is learning to use her arms and hips to move about in place of her legs.

In the service of the King of kings and Lord of lords,

Phil and Arleen Signature


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