October 2005

Last week I returned to my teaching duties at the Puebla Bible Seminary after leading the singing “Great is Thy Faithfulness,” “How Great Thou Art,” and other hymns of thanksgiving along with playing trumpet solos in special 50th anniversary conferences held across central Mexico.  For some Mexican brethren, this was the first time that smaller churches or churches that are located in remote areas had the opportunity to meet together in centrally located churches and to participate in the celebration of God’s blessings during the past half-century of preaching, teaching and evangelizing by members of CAM International and fellow Mexican pastors and workers.  The first meeting (Guadalajara) in the west and the last (Puebla) in the east were the biggest with over one thousand in attendance apiece.

A series of dynamic sermons on the past, present and future glory of our Lord was delivered by Dr. Oscar Lopez of Guatemala (formerly director of TGNA Christian radio station and homiletics professor at SETECA in Guatemala City) who is a CAM missionary.  Each evening Power Point presentations of camps, conferences and church meetings with photos of missionaries and pastors were shown.  A number of people accepted Christ as their Savior and others surrendered their lives to our Lord to serve Him faithfully.  Please pray for eternal results.

In one of our trips into the D.F. (Mexico City) we started out early to avoid the incredibly crowded highways and streets at rush hour of the world’s largest city (about 30 million).  In the past, we have encountered problems with the police because if the vehicle has any license plate other than that of Mexico City, it will probably be stopped for a myriad of reasons: the hope being that the driver will get weary of arguing or wary of eventual imprisonment and simply offer some money to the officer in order to keep on driving.

Well, wouldn’t you know it?  We were stopped and Jim (our national field director) hopped out and grasped the hands of the four officers who all had leather motorcycle boots and all the rest of the paraphernalia of patrolmen in the big city.  Jim had a card in his wallet showing that he had participated in a police force in Ohio as chaplain and that impressed them greatly and 15 minutes later we were being led by one of them on his motorcycle to the door of the church that had invited us to lead in their 50th anniversary celebration.  He waved toward the church building and then at us and made a U-turn to return to his duty when Jim motioned for him to come close.  We thought he might be giving him a tip for his kindness (he knew the city so well that he cut through neighborhoods that none of us had ever seen before).  However, Jim handed him a Gospel tract and to our surprise, the officer smiled and said, “Muchas gracias!” Isn’t our God awesome?

This past weekend found us ministering in the sweltering heat of a Bible Seminary down in Villa Hermosa, Tabasco (yes, that’s where the name of the hot sauce comes from) not far from the Caribbean Sea and around the corner from the Yucatan peninsula.  Some 50 church leaders came and heard our son Tim lead them through Walk thru the Bible while I led singing and taught them hymns and songs that I had written and are now included in their own hymnal.  God spoke and many were blessed.  Thanks for your prayers and support for our ministry of music!

Phil Blycker Signature
Phil and Arleen Blycker
Note: This contact information has been updated, and is current: March, 2011.
CAM International RGBI pblycker@sbsglobal.net
8625 La Prada Dr. 4300 S. Bus. Hwy. 281 ablycker@gmail.com
Dallas, TX 75228 Edinburgh, TX 78539 956-682-6273

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