September 2002

This is Labor Day weekend in the States and the new school year is beginning.  Here in Guatemala we are now focusing on end-of-year music recitals and concerts and in October we’ll have final exams and graduation exercises.

Here are a half dozen prayer requests and praise items:

  1. We hope to do a recording of the ASAPH Male Chorus in the Guatemala Bible Seminary.  It will be the first done in the new studio.
  2. A number of work teams have helped on the construction of the recording studio on the GBS campus and we really appreciate their help.  We are anxious to get this recording into churches and our Christian radio station.
  3. Recently word was received from a local air conditioning firm that the company wanted to donate the $4,500 unit for the new recording studio because “the Lord has been so good to us this year” and “we didn’t know anything about your excellent ministry of training Guatemalans for the Lord’s service until you called us on the phone for a quote.  May the Lord continue to bless and use you.”  He then added, “our workers will be there tomorrow”…and they were!
  4. One key member of the music faculty is on medical leave in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, so that leaves us without her talent.  Please pray for the healing of blood clots in her leg.  Chris Pater plans on returning to Guatemala in January.
  5. Arleen was able to make the trip to Tampa, Florida for her mother’s home-going.  We praise God for the 93 years of Elizabeth Reniger and her faithfulness as a wife and mother.  We are grateful for the churches that have shown interest in helping to pay for Arleen’s flight.   We praise God for His provision.
  6. This week Arleen will be flying to Roseburg, Oregon.  15 minutes ago we found out that our daughter, Linnea Witt, gave birth to baby girl.   Little Sarah was born with spina bifida.  They will be doing surgery Monday, Sept. 2nd in Portland to cover the wound on her spine.  This condition could cost her the use of her legs; we just don’t know yet. Thanks for standing WITH us!

In His care,



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