September 2004

1.  A Former Guerrilla Fighter Asks For Prayer

Vicente appeared at the Central American Theological Seminary 24 years ago.  He wanted to talk with someone about Christianity and the Bible.  He was very well educated and felt that the time had come that violence and revolution were the answer to the injustices and bigotry he had seen in this country.  A member of my Doxology Choir, Otto Alfaro, subsequently led him to the Lord that day.  Today Pastor Otto called me and said that Vicente, who now has a lovely wife and children who love the Lord, wanted to have coffee with Otto and me before we leave for the USA on our fall tour.  His problem is that his church is splitting over a theological issue.  Pray for our meeting next week.

2.  A Former Gang Member Preaches A Graduation Sermon

Daniel showed me the tattoos he still has which create immediate recognition and strike terror in the hearts of people on the streets of a number of northern cities of Guatemala. He came to know Christ as his personal Savior, got married, had children and then felt the need to prepare himself for further service to God.  Yesterday he preached a dynamic message in chapel at the Guatemala Bible Seminary in Chimaltenango on a passage from James regarding faith and works.  During his first two years he sang with the Asaph Male Chorus and has an excellent academic and ministerial record.  Pray for Daniel and his family as they leave following graduation to begin a full-time pastorate.  Several of our friends have had a personal part in helping them financially, and we are very grateful to the Lord for their part in the training of this future leader.

3. We’ll Supply The Finale To The Annual Music Recital

In addition to the three graduating music majors, Edgar, Moses, and Ridley, who will be leading choirs they have formed, there will be young people and adults who will sing, play the keyboard, wind or string instruments.  At the end of the program I will be leading a choir in two choruses from the MESSIAH: “And the glory of the Lord” and the “Hallelujah Chorus”.  It should prove a fitting climax to a great year of music ministry for us, our 37th in Latin America.

4. Some Excellent Band Instruments Need To Be Purchased

We need to make sure some fine band instruments are purchased for the two seminaries here in Guatemala where we have spent so many years in training young musicians to play and sing for the glory of the Lord.  Their costs are from $100 to $300, and there are six available.  If the Lord leads you help with these purchases, please let us know ASAP.

5. We Leave On A 3-Month Trip To The U.S.A. On Sept. 18

We urgently need your prayers as we drive through Mexico to the U.S.A. where we will sing, play and tell what God is doing through our ministry of music.  A former student, Enrique “Quique” Ajquejay, now directing the “Samuel Student Center” in Patzicía, will be traveling with us and contributing his talents in singing, playing and speaking.  We plan to return January 14, 2005.

Thanks for your prayers and gifts that enable us to serve as your music missionaries,

Phil & Arleen


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